About Chettupuzhakaran Family

The Thattil Chettupuzhakaran family is one among the seven member families of the Thattil Clan, Which has its origin in the ancient Christian settlement of Pazhuvil Located in the western part of Thrissur District, 17 Kms from the city in the Thrissur-Thriprayar Road. By virtue of its nobility and culture this family finds an important place among the ‘Nazrani’-Thomas Christians of Kerala – families, legendarily claiming to be the descendants of those ancestors directly baptized by St. Thomas, one of the twelve Apostles of Lord Jesus Christ. Thattil Mapila who belonged to this clan and whose tomb is situated in the graveyard of Pazhuvil Catholic Church was built in the year 960 AD and catered to the spiritual needs of the Christians including those in Thrissur and its outskirts.

In the year 1796 AD H.E. Rama Varma (1751-1805), the then ruler of the princely state of Kochi, more popularity known as ‘Shakthan Thampuran’ (Mighty Lord) an exemplary administrator famous for his religious tolerance and sense of justice, brought into the city of Thrissur 64 “Nazrani” families from the outskirts of Thrissur with a view to develop Thrissur as a center of trade and commerce and were allowed to be settled in the city with certain privileges. During this period the Namboothiry Brahmins, the priestly class of the Hindus were dominating the locality and the local civil administration was carried out by the Temple authorities. The advent of Nazranis to the city of Thrissur put an end to this, and gradually they become an indomitable power in the city. The Thattil Chettupuzhakkaran family was one among those 64 families who were instrumental in triggering the commercial growth of this area. This fact is testified by Shri Puthezhath Raman Menon in his book ‘Thrissur Trichur’

The History of this family begins from the two brothers, Thattil Lonappan and Thattil Ouseph who migrated from Pazhuvil to Chettupuzha, a small village in the outskirts of Thrissur, from where Sakthan Thampuran brought them to the city of Thrissur for conducting business. Thattil Chettupuzhakaran family members are the descendants of these two brothers. The predominant occupation of the majority of the members of this family is trade and commerce. However, there are persons engaged in other professions such as public and private service and industry. There are many members of this family who have excelled themselves in the business of gold and other prominent business. The family has also a shining galaxy of professionals, civil servants and religious persons, who stood out in their respective fields. The family is proud of the legendary figure Dr.C.L Joseph,the first District Medical Officer of Thrissur District, a physician with a golden healing hand, more popularly known in the entire state of Kerala as ‘Dr.C.L.’. The octogenarian Catholic priest Fr.Giles Chettupuzhakaran (Patron of the Association) who looks at his church from a different angle, Shri C J Mathew, former Chief Secretary of Kochi princely State, Shri C L Mathew, former chairman of Catholic Bank, South Indian Bank and Dharmodayam Company, Dr C.M.Joseph, former Director of Health Services, Kerala State, Shri C M John, former Chief Conservator of Forests, Kerala State . Shri C M Antony, Former National High Way Chief Engineer, Shri C.M Francis, former General Manger, Textile Corporation (the present Managing Committee Member), Squadron Leader (Rtd.) C.V.Joseph of Indian Air Force, Sr.Philo Chettupuzhakaran CMC, former principal of St. Mary’s College Thrissur. Shri C V Anthappan, former Production manager, Cochin Ship –yard, Shri C D Joseph, former Garrison Engineer, M.E.S., Shri C.D Antony, former General Manager of Britania Company and Shri C.M George, former Vice Principal of Agricultural College, Thiruvanathapuram are some among the prominent personalities belonging to this family. Even though more than 90% of the family members owe allegiance to the Syro-Malabar Church affiliated to the Catholic Church, a prominent minority is with the Church of the East, having its headquarters in Baghdad in Iraq (at present in Chicago in the USA).


The cohesion and unity of the members of any family dependents on the farsightedness and clarity of thought of its forefathers. The Thattil Chettupuzhakaran family remains one of the most united and cohesive families in Kerala due to the foresight and prudence shown by its forefathers. When organizing people on the basis of a common ancestry and genealogy was not even remotely contemplated by any family, the forefathers of this family had the dynamic vision and insight of founding an organization based on common heritage and parentage. In the history of this family 1st July, 1949 has a golden luster. On this momentous day, the ancestors of this family founded the Thattil Chettupuzhakaran Family Association. They translated a novel idea into an organizational structure and erected an important milestone in the historic path of this family. At that time this was the only family Association in Kerala. At present this Association has more than 400 families as its members. The managing Committee headed by the President and Secretary carries out the day today affairs of this Association .Every year in the month of March a family get-together is conducted in Thrissur followed by cultural programmes by the members of this family. On this day the family members from different parts of Kerala congregate at the venue in Thrissur. The Members of family from different parts of India and from abroad convey their regards. This annual congregation is an encouragement to the members of the family to keep their contacts with their kith and kin. The association plays an important role in fostering fraternity and unity among the members of this family.